About McCumberhaus dog breeding

I breed the largest, healthiest, most beautiful GSD's, Poodles, & Shepadoodles in North America. I produce the finest family dogs, including service, therapy, & 'special needs' companions.


Our famous grandson of Gigi. Stelllan is the sweetest F1 sire we have 'Hands Down'.."Stellan" cleans the newborn pups bottoms and coats while mom takes a much-needed' rest.."Stellan" continues to look after his brood until they are able to 'fin' for themselves. Stellan is our "go to" stud for all the F1B litters as he passes along the great health, sweet and calm temperament, our kennel is famous for.

Jack shepadoodle

Captain Jack

The legend himself..."Captain Jack"

Erik shepadoodle

Erik "The Red"

Meet 'Erik the Red.' We are so happy to announce our recent acquisition of this fine, sweet, intelligent, Standard Poodle male.. We searched for years for the right health and temperament. We traveled 2 days for this gem. Erik will bring the same good health and sweet temperament Mccumberhaus is known for.

Marty shepadoodle


Marty an 85 pound McCumberHaus F1 and his new partner "Christian". Marty was supposed to be the runt of the litter. Congratulations to the Widows Family!

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