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Shepadoodle Bear
Capt. Chris Kurgan & Family

Captain Chris Kurgan USN & Family

Shepadoodle Bear
Nancy woodward & Larryberri

Larryberri ‘s background of both German and Poodle equals an intelligent breed. He has a very gentle and sweet personality. He wakes me up when I have nightmares. No matter what time of day or night he is always ready for me to pet him or just hang out for company. He enjoys playing and socializing with other dogs at the Dog Park. We go for a stroll in the morning that benefits both of us. Walking can be challenging. He knows when I need to lean on him. We have a snack after which Larryberri is ready for a nap. At night when we walk or jogging he sometimes needs to guide me through the uneven trails. Loud noises startle me, causing me to have an anxiety response. Larryberri instinctively cuddles me until I have time to regroup. Larryberri's breeding of two intelligent breeds assists me in making decisions in my daily life. I can forget where I am. He makes sure I am on the right track.

Larry makes a soft woof sound to allow me to get out of the fuzzy brain to wake up. My chemotherapy treatment gave my body permanent side effects, to my brain, hands and feet. Larryberri assists by guiding me from running into walls and big objects. Larry helps me stay steady while hanging up the laundry. Larryberri has lots of patience while I work on the computer or take a long nap. I am not comfortable on car rides. He assures me on the ride with interactions: playing with me, putting his paws on my shoulders, or leaning firmly against me.

Northern California