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The Shepadoodle Experts

For over 25 years, McCumberhaus has been dedicated to producing only the highest quality Shepadoodles that preserve the admirable temperament, health, and beauty of this very special breed. We have traveled far and wide to find incredible dogs that surpass breed standards for health, form, and character.

First developed by the US Army in the 1960s, Shepadoodles were bred to be highly intelligent and low-shedding service dogs. McCumberHaus has continued to preserve the breed with excellence. We knew we found an amazing match when the father of our very first litter carefully cleaned his pups from top to bottom, alleviating a burden from mom. What a display of collaboration, affection, and commitment from the very beginning!

We are thrilled to share the fruits of our breeding excellence and love for Shepadoodles with the world so that all may experience the unparalleled loyalty, affection, and service of a McCumberHaus companion.

Committed to healthy pups

We go above and beyond to keep our puppies safe with mom until they are at least 10 weeks old -- two weeks longer than the AKC eight-week standard. This allows our puppies more time to socialize and get important nutrients and antibodies from mom, while receiving veterinary care and initial vaccinations.

Litters are genetically tested for abnormalities.To date, every McCumberHaus genetic testing has consistently returned 100% free from abnormalities. Any Shepadoodle pup purchased from McCumberHaus comes with a six-month health guarantee. Pedigrees supplied upon request.

Prepared for success

We equip our dogs to be obedient and excellent family pets. Prior to adoption, puppies and adolescents are familiarized with crate training, leashes, car travel, and basic commands, in addition to being well socialized with other healthy McCumberHaus dogs.

We wait for the right family

McCumberhaus pups offer the best and deserve the best. We never rush out a puppy that is not ready, nor do we send them home with families that are not ready. Once you join the McCumberHaus pack, you are part of the family for life!

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