We finally have the worlds first mini Shepadoodles! Stay tuned for more info and photos.

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The World’s 1st Mini Shepadoodles - Ready for Adoption

mini Shepadoodles

After years of masterful breeding, our first ever litter of hypoallergenic mini Shepadoodles are ready to find their forever homes! Weighing in at just 15-25 lbs, we are obsessed with these gorgeous minis, which carry the same hearty genetic makeup (including intelligence, devotion, and sweetness) of our medium and large dogs, but in a pocket-sized package.

Our playful little geniuses are ready to take on big adventures -- we are so proud! With a high demand for apartment-friendly dogs, these little pups won’t be waiting long!

We produce the finest family dogs, including service, therapy, & 'special needs' companions.

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Sturdy, Smart, and Stunning Shepadoodles

We consistently offer the healthiest, most beautiful German Shepherds (GSDs), Poodles, and Shepadoodles in North America. You can now take home a low-shed Shepadoodle of a variety of sizes including mini (15-20lbs), medium (40-60lbs), and large dogs (80+ lbs) to meet the different needs of apartment dwellers, homeowners, and outdoor enthusiasts.

McCumberhaus dogs are known for their wonderful reputation of kindness, intelligence, calmness, and devotion. That’s why these hypoallergenic dogs are frequently selected for service training and emotional support needs. These results only happen from dedication to sound breeding practices and loving care.

A Long Legacy of Doodle Breeding Excellence

A great dog begins with careful breeding, then is shaped by great owners. All our stock imports from Europe, governed by the SV of Germany, the foremost authority in the world. Our dogs are living well into their teens.

Not all doodles are created equal. Since the early 1990’s, careful pedigree tracking of AKC GSD’s (German Shepherds) has allowed McCumberhaus to produce hearty, gentle dogs without the disease and temperament issues previously associated with GSDs in America. A marvelous comeback for GSDs and fantastic news for McCumberhaus pack members who want a long and healthy life for their furry companion!

Keep Your Standards and Tails Held High


Whether you adopt from us or not, HOLD BREEDERS TO A HIGH STANDARD so the Shepadoodle perseveres with the dignity it deserves and finds its rightful place in K9 history.

Shepadoodles available now for adoption.

Shepardoodle for adoption
Shepardoodle for sale
Shepardoodle for home
dog for adoption
dog for sale

Veterans we now offer a service program for people with PTSD
We offer trained juveniles to Vets with PTSD

Call Robert McCumberhaus now for more details!


America has spoken; We are now the National leading purveyor of fine Shepadoodles.

Shepardoodle breed


Our AKC Standard Poodle pair "Gigi" (55 pounds) with"NAPOLEON II."( 80 pounds) OFA hips preliminary 'Good' and eyeCERT 'Good'.Great gentle loving temperament.

Shepardoodle dogs

Coco & Holly

Our dogs were designed for temperament and health, qualities that must be present for SERVICE and THERAPY dogs. Beauty is icing on the cake. We are so very proud.

Shepardoodle Zoe

Buttercup & Zoe

We love this photo as it displays the incredible intelligence and emotional depth of our dogs. 'Buttercup' is first daughter of Captain Jack & 'Gigi'.

Beautiful Military grade German Shepherds, Poodles & Military grade F1 & F1B Hybrids!

These are from great, sweet, long-living, champion, working-stock lineage!
German Shepard

(Above) "Diego" Our top GSD Stud. First generation from Titled West German Lines. ScH1, ScH3, Kkl 1, Va rated, A-stamped and OFA certified "GOOD" hips and elbows. Diego is 100 pounds of graceful, agile, beauty. A sweetheart whose strong genetics transfer to all of our F1 and F1B Shepadoodles. Diego can clear the top of our trucks' tailgate with ease. Excellent temperament. Great health. From proven stock living well into their teen years.

German Shepard Puppies

(Above) Four Generations of McCumberHaus GSD'S 2002-2006

Please support the families of fallen CHP Officers with a generous donation to the "FALLEN HEROES MEMORIAL" in Woodland, CA. Our dogs serve the public in many ways. Help us help families and children with disabilities with your continued support of our wonderful program.

Call Robert:
Northern California

Shepadoodles in California/Nevada

- This is a new site and will be constantly evolving. Check back often!

Public response to our Thanksgiving promise has been overwelming. We now have new photos of our breeders on every page, so be sure and navigate them all.. We will gladly email photos of the pups at your request. We now are donating dogs to "4Paws2Freedom" a non-profit group that helps returning servicemen and women with PTSD. Thanks so much for your continued support of our program.

Heather and Son

Heather her son & Seamus

Heather is a Type-1 diabetic and a Registered.Nurse in Kansas City. Heather was on the list to receive a diabetic alert dog when the price of the dog went from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00 with no explanation from the trainer. Distraught, Heather contacted our kennel for help. We hand-picked 'Seamus" and trained him here at our facility for 8 months. Seamus alerted twice to Heather's  low blood sugar in his first 24 hours there. Keep in mind this juvenile just got off the plane and did not know Heather from Adam. 'Seamus' is a wonderful testament to our dogs and our program. We saved Heather $15,000.00

Thor German Shepard

Sheriff & Thor

 Detective MacGregor with 'Thor' a Mccumberhaus K9, out getting the bad guys (2006 to present).

Stanley shepadoodle


One of our favorite F1B Shepadoodles of all time-"Stanley". (Son of Chewbaka and Napoleon). Our dogs are taught manners first. Total strangers always comment on "how well behaved" our dogs are. We have specific procedures that bring these qualities out in every litter.

Daisy shepadoodle

Daisy one of the 3 Amigos

"Daisy" is one of the 'Three Amigos'. She is all grown up and was professionally trained for service to a Deaf family. Daisy has learned to "SIGN". Daisy and her family have made many trips to Washington DC to demonstrate her skills.

Sarge daisy Maluna shepadoodle

Sarge, Daisy & Maluna

Our famous "Three Amigos" (from left) "Sarge" ( F1 male ) "Daisy" ( F1 female); "Maluna" (F1B female). Notice Maluna's F1B coat is curlier and tighter. 'Sarge' and 'Maluna' are the proud parents of a healthy litter of  F1B Multi-Gen's. We offer expertly trained adolescent beauties from each litter. These great examples of fine breeding visually evaluate our genetic design and clearly display the benefits of fine breeding, beginning with trademark coats, temperament, intelligence, beauty, and size.

Zack shepadoodle


F1B male Shepadoodle "Zachery."  He is intelligent, sweet, and mellow. These dogs have great temperament. Very expressive eyes, softest coat you will ever touch. Zach has succeeded in completing his preliminary training and has earned his Official Therapy Vest! Zachery is owned by Dr. Synowski. We congratulate them both for their hard work.

Cpt. Jack and Gigi shepadoodle

Cpt. Jack & Gigi

Our world-famous Captain Jack, (an F1 Shepadoodle)with Gigi (Standard Poodle).

Billy shepadoodle


"Billy" , an F1B, was only a pup when he was separated from his new owners just hours after arriving by plane to Toronto. Lost in rural Ontario for a week, Billy found his way home across the wilderness of Canada. An 'incredible journey' just like the Disney film. A true testament to our bloodlines, as our GSD's are Shutzhund Titled in field and tracking. They are raised at a high elevation, which helps make them strong, hearty, and athletic, with keen instincts. Without the great genetic influences from Champion AKC McCumberHaus stock, Billy may not have made it home.

Billy shepadoodle

Toddler in Tow

An 11 week-old puppy whelped April 13, 2020, has already learned to lead, sit, stay, lay down, come. Mccumberhaus continues to develop their already wonderful animals.

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