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Moose is doing so very well! He is such a fantastic dog. He is so patient, playful, and gentle. The sweetest dog, perfect for our family and our kids. He and our four-year-old daughter have such a special bond, he comes running every time she calls him. He is so athletic, by far the fastest dog in the family and definitely uses that speed while playing fetch. We are just beyond pleased with him and happy to have him as a member of this family. Hope you have a merry holiday season!

Chelsea Budge


Robert, just a quick note to tell you how happy we are with Bear. He's now 16 months old and a true joy to have in our house. Bear is everything, and more, that you claim for your dogs: Smart, well mannered, good tempered, and happy. Whenever I take him in public people are amazed to learn his age, because he's so calm and well mannered! I would encourage anyone who's interested in a 'doodle' to only look at your dogs. Bear has proven to be a better companion than we ever imagined. Thank you for a wonderful buddy. All your breeding efforts are evident in Bear.

Thank you,
Jim and Lori R. Victor, NY


Nova has been a fantastic addition to our growing family - our son Hunter has found a new best friend and a loyal companion - and our pending newborn will certainly benefit from Nova's protective instincts! Robert was the consummate professional throughout the entire process - from the early emails to notify us of Nova's expecting mother, to the consistent check-ins throughout the pregnancy. Robert kept us up to date with a real-time email during whelping, provided updates over the ensuing 9 weeks, and even delivered Nova to us in person Robert continues to be a valuable resource for us. He takes immense pride in the dogs he breeds and he offers periodic check-ins to ensure all is going smoothly. We would highly recommend Robert's McCumberhaus breeding service for your family. The dogs are beautiful, athletic, incredibly intelligent, eager to please and loyal.

Best Wishes,
The Smith Family San Francisco, CA


“We could not have had a better experience with McCumberhaus! 5 Stars all the way!!!! This was the first time we had ever considered buying a dog, without meeting the dog in person before – but living in the heartland, there was no way for us to get out to Robert to see the litter. We picked out Peanut, and waited for her to arrive. Everything Robert said he would do, he did - and then some. 100% reliable and he is a true dog-lover. Peanut arrived and our family has never looked back. We already had two young, smaller dogs. Peanut has fitted right in. She plays really well with each of them. She is super-intelligent, incredibly athletic, and incredibly loving. We could not be happier. 3 out of 4 of us, in our house, are allergic to dog hair, and Peanut’s non-shedding is perfect too on that issue. From the start of the process, to a lifetime of joy with Peanut in our home – we could not recommend McCumberhaus more whole-heartedly. Thank-you, Robert, for breading such amazing dogs.

Peanut is an absolute joy!
Neil and Christina C. of Springfield, MO


We got Rosie 3-1/2 years ago and from the minute we picked her up at the airport, she's become another member of our family. She's a sweet dog, who is intelligent and very easy to train. She comes with me off leash to my work as a home builder every day (her favorite part is lunch). She stays close and doesn't run off. She's happy and smart with a little bit of an attitude if she doesn't know you and you come to the house or near the car - but nothing too scary! Robert was always great to deal with. He really cares very much about his puppies and has followed up periodically over the years to check in. I would definitely recommend getting a puppy from Robert!

David S. Wellesley, MA


We got our Shepadoodle Tank from McCumberHaus almost 6 years ago and he has been amazing since the day we picked him up from the airport at 10 weeks old. He is so majestic weighing in at almost 130 pounds. He is truly a gentle giant with the best disposition- he is loyal, affectionate, sweet and incredibly obedient. Tank is great with kids and just wants to please everyone around him. Incredible dog!

Yours Truly, Lisa M. Bunker Hill, Boston MA


Hi Robert, It's been a while but just wanted to give you an update on Voulkos. He's doing fantastic, such a good dog! He's now 11 months and 77 pounds. He is great with our 4 year old daughter and they play nicely together. He's very brave and energetic. Not afraid of thunderstorms or the vacuum or party balloons, just a real confident dog. We love that he's great off leash and stays right with us on our property. A velcro dog is definitely what we wanted! Sometimes he's a little concerned about strangers and will bark or growl at random people. Were working with him on that, I think it's because he is quite brave and protective. He often goes to play with other dogs at his trainers doggy daycare and spa. We spent some time this summer at Lake George and he loves swimming! I've attaching some photos below for you to see. Also if you are on Instagram he has a dog account just for him. Search Voulkostheshepadoodle. And I refer anyone asking about where to find a shepadoodle to you. Were looking forward to giving him a one year old Birthday celebration!

Thank You,
Katherine and Peter Tholl


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